Freestyle Rap Battle: REY 3 vs King Darius

WHYELFILES [WF] did an awesome job on this video production... Its King Darius battling MC Rey 3 like true emcees engaging in a valid hip hop artform.. Who do you think won..?


Video Footage: Quinto Sol performing at Reggae in the Barrio II

Last Saturday we were blessed to be at the Reggae in the Barrio 2 festival, held at the Vex Cultural Center (located at 5240 Alhambra Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90032). It was a tribute festival to Brother Bob Marley.Here is some footage of Quinto Sol, a hometown band that has been spreading Jah Love throughout these barrio streets for decades.. Check it out...

Here is another one:


Event: Emcees Battle for the Crown!- Its going down in Los Angeles, CA

Ladies N Gentlemen, Boys and Girls- ITS about to go down on Feb. 11 at the MBar (on E.1st St.) in Boyle Heights.. On this side, the challenger, King Darius Lomeli: Master of Ceremonies, certified lyrical wordsmith and heavy-weight in the rhyme circle.. going up against MCRey3: Legendary Champion of the Ryme battle, Bboy disciple directly from the Temple of Hip Hop. Studied under Master KRS (Knowledge Reign Supreme) One. Internationally reknown for demonstrating expert freestyle skill levels.. The battle is taking place in King Darius' hometown, at the spot that's been poppin alot!


Video: Moses Soweto-Tsali performing Make A Living

This is EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE we recorded at a Misol Tribe show thrown at the Airliner on N. Broadway (in Lincoln Heights). Moses Soweto-Tsali is backed up by Aaron Duran and a Mr. SagNMyJeans (a.k.a. Rahten 5Star). Together they are the Nuai Tribe, or simply nuAi (pronounced "new eye"). The djs are from OG Husky Radio and the amatuer cameraman- was yours truly. We pulled it out of the DIGITAL AZTLAN STUDIOS archive to share with you, just so you can get an idea of the mad talent brewing in the camp. Check it out...



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