When the City of Los Angeles Parks & Recreation constructed a skatespot (designed by Bones Brigader Lance Mountain) at Lincoln Park, I noticed skating was blowing up in the area. So last year we decided to cater to the needs of the exploding skater population and sell Firme Skateboard decks with the design called Skulls and Roses. I talked to my friend, Dario "Tizok" Debora about doing a video for our new venture and he came through to film. Needless-to-say, before he even got a chance to turn on the camera, I fell flat on my ass! Kristastrophe had to help me get up because I was writhing around on the floor, in pain. We had to call in a few stunt doubles and that's how we got it done. It was a tough decision, but I had to think about my health and safety, so I decided to leave the hardcore skate antics to the young skaters and I'll just rap about it...

If you notice at the end of my verse, it goes:

"...Understand your role in this world is to roll your board with a purpose. And pay attention, Damn it! Explorin the surface of the planet. Like a transition addict/ sidewalk-surfin bandit". But it sounds like I say, "...Like a transition bandit/ sidewalk-surfin bandit". I simply missed it on the mix... what could I say?
I definitely want to give a big Gracias! to the homeboy Dario for all his help and Shorty's Sons Productions for bringing my vision into fruition. If anybody wants to buy a skateboard deck (I still have a couple), hit me up at Also, a big thanks to my Primo Sal Rojas and Digital Aztlan Studios por siempre being FIRME!

Shout Outs:

to My homeboy Klumsee (Sal), King Darius Lomeli, Marquis from the union brotherhood- sk8s with his son in Venice Beach/ Santa Monica Airlines area, Alberto Silva (give my love to Cindy & the kids), Devin Stoval from TV Bikes located: 3410 N. Broadway in Los Angeles 90031, Chris Gonzales also in the I.B.E.W., Jus One from around the block, Jerry from the Garage Skate shop located: 759 South Atlantic in Los Angeles 90022. - Thank you for your suppport.

Also, an appreciative recognition of Robert Michael Link for helping me sell these boards hella quick. Officially, he's the Firme Skateboards salesman of the year- with the most board sales (postin up at Lincoln SkateSpot). Get in touch with me, the new boards are coming in!

Of Course, It couldn't have been done without the Firme Skate Team:

Raul Valencia (the best sk8er in the neighborhood)
my neice Maya Marie
Cousin Omar Elattar
Double J from Pasadena (winner of the Firme Game of Skate)
if anyone needs a flyer done up, my son is a natural

Also much gratitued to Tizok's cousin for the recording/ sound engineering- Oscar A Guerrero

thank you, and skate safe